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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Giant Easter Fortune Cookie

La Bella Baskets has recently added Easter gifts to our gift store. The fortune cookie that is pictured above is just one of the many Easter gifts La Bella Baskets is selling. This Giant Easter fortune cookie weighs in at just under one pound and is almost the size of a football. It contains a 1 foot long fortune you can add a personal message to for FREE. The cookie is hand dipped in Belgian Milk Chocolate and is decorated for Easter with 100% Hand Made Royal Icing Decorations. Candy Easter Confetti is added as the lasting finishing touch.

You can start ordering all the La Bella Baskets Easter gifts now. If you want your items to arrive before Easter the last day to place your order is April 15th.

To learn more about La Bella Basket's Easter gifts visit the following:

La Bella Baskets Gift Store

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