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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Benefits of Being a La Bella Baskets Gift Consultant

La Bella Baskets is an online gift basket and flower store that was started by Janis Rodriguez and Mia Florides in 2008. The company became a direct selling company in December of 2009. Janis and Mia's purpose for starting La Bella Baskets was to give ordinary people a chance to start their own business without a large investment and to give back to single moms through their La Bella Baskets of Smiles Program. Even though the company is less than a year old, La Bella Baskets has succeeded in giving people the opportunity to start a gift basket and flower business with a low start up fee. The company has over 300 gourmet gifts and flowers available through it's online store.

Below are the benefits you will receive as a La Bella Baskets Gift Consultant:

  • Free Training and Support - Gift consultants receive free training through an online training center that is full of free marketing materials, marketing ideas, training calls, and much more. There are also weekly training calls consultants can participate in. You can also get in touch with the founders of the company through email and a toll-free number.
  • Two Websites - The websites gift consultants receive are a La Bella Baskets online store and a marketing website. This a great deal because with most network marketing companies you only receive one website. To see what the online store looks like CLICK HERE
  • Discount Added to Sales Volume - Instead of gift consultants receiving a 20% discount on all their personal purchases, their 20% discount will be added to their sales volume instead. This is a win win situation because this will help gift consultants to reach the leadership levels a little faster. La Bella Basket gift consultants will also receive a free prescription card and pet prescription card that could have instant savings of up to 55%.
A few of the things that makes La Bella Baskets stand out from the rest of the network marketing companies are there are no requirements to maintain quotas, buy kits, deliver products, buy products and do parties. Yes you read that correctly there are no QUOTAS with La Bella Baskets. As a consultant you are in control of running your La Bella Baskets business the way you want to.

Below are the 3 ways La Bella Basket gift consultants can earn an income:

#1 - Through your online gift store -You will receive 20% commission each time you sale an item from your gift store. Your commission can go up to 35% if you reach the leadership level of Diamond Director. You will also receive a bonus of $1000 when you reach that level.

#2 - Through referrals - Every time someone joins your team you will receive a one time bonus of $15. Your team sales volume will also be added to yours. (La Bella Baskets will soon be making some changes to the referral system that will allow gift consultants to receive a monthly residual income as long as their team members are active. I will write a post about this when the changes happen)

#3 - Through a corporate account - Earning an income through the La Bella Baskets corporate account allows you to sign up businesses such as real estate, car dealers, animal shelters, etc. The benefit a business receives from having a corporate membership with La Bella Baskets is saving 30% off of all their gift orders. You will earn 20% commission if a business signs up for a 6 month membership and 25% commission if a business signs up for an annual membership.

The only fee consultants are required to pay is a $19.95 monthly fee which includes the two websites, marketing material, ongoing support, etc. But there are some months people can join the company for $1.97 for 7 days. During those 7 days gift consultants will receive full access to the training center and will be billed $19.95 a month after the 7 days.

During the month of September, people can join now for only $1.97 for 7 days. If you are interested in joining La Bella Baskets visit the following link: La Bella Baskets

(Join Now will be on the lower left under Become LBB Gift Consultant)

If want to learn more about La Bella Baskets check out the following site:
More Info: La Bella Baskets

If you have any questions contact me at BelleTrice77(at)gmail(dot)com.

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