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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Generate Free Leads at LinkedIn

Generating free leads online can be a great way to get more customers and referrals for your business. As a business owner or network marketer you are probably already know that Facebook and Twitter are great places to generate free leads. But did you know LinkedIn is another great place to generate leads and expand your warm market?

Compared to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is more professional and has higher quality people. The website has over 100 million users and the average income of the users is $100,000 or more.

Since LinkedIn is more professional than other social networking sites there are some rules you need to follow. The webinar below by Jaime Soriano does a great job of explaining the proper way to use LinkedIn to generate free leads. (When I watched this webinar I couldn't believe all the great and useful information that was given out for FREE).

Remember no matter what social networking sites you use to get leads it takes time. It will be worth it if you take the time to do it the right way. So be patient and learn as much as you can about generating leads online.

Click Here To Check Out The LinkedIn Webinar

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