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Sunday, January 30, 2011

La Bella Baskets Valentine's Day (2011) Shipping Guidelines

Last week for gift basket orders to be processed is January 31st - February 6th in order to arrive before Valentine's Day. If any orders are placed after that week, there is no guarantee for the gift to be delivered on or before the holiday.

Flowers - Last day to order is Friday, February 11th before 11:00 am EST to be delivered on Monday the 14th.

Depending where the package is shipping from and where the destination is please have orders in on a timely manner so they will be received either on or before the holiday.

FYI: Chocolate covered strawberries, candy apples, fortune cookies and Oreos are coming from California so please place orders early enough to allow for shipping time, especially if destination is East Coast.

Any fruit orders will be processed Monday - Wednesday only to take advantage of the ground shipping price of $11.95. This includes Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Candy Apples.

To order any of La Bella Baskets Valentine's Day gifts visit the following:

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