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Monday, December 20, 2010

Top 3 Ways To Earn an Income With La Bella Baskets

As a gift consultant with La Bella Baskets you have an opportunity to promote your gift basket business the best way that works for you. La Bella Baskets gives you the flexibility to promote your business offline, online, or both and to earn an income three different ways.

Listed below are the top 3 ways you can earn an income with La Bella Baskets no matter how you choose to promote your gift basket business:

1) Through your online gift store - You will receive 20% commission each time you sale an item from your gift store. Your commission can go up to 35% if you reach the Diamond Director leadership level.

2) Through referrals -
Every time someone joins your team you will receive a one time bonus of $15. Your team sales volume will also be added to yours. (La Bella Baskets will soon be making some changes to the referral system. The new system will allow gift consultants to earn a monthly fee as long as their team members are active. I will write a post about this when the changes happen)

3) Through a corporate account - Earning an income through a corporate account allows you to sign up businesses such as real estate agents, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, dentists, etc. The benefit a business receives from having a corporate membership with La Bella Baskets is being able to save 30% everyday off of all their gift orders. (La Bella Baskets is the only gift basket company that is offering businesses 30% off everyday.) Currently there are two corporate memberships businesses can choose from which are 6 month or annual. You will earn 20% commission if a business signs up for a 6 month membership and 25% commission if a business signs up for an annual membership.

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