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Friday, November 5, 2010

A List of La Bella Baskets Christmas Gifts You Can Order Today

La Bella Baskets has recently posted Christmas gifts and gift baskets in the gift store. But unfortunately customers will not be able to start ordering some of those Christmas gifts today. The Christmas gifts customers can start ordering from La Bella Baskets are the products that have NG in the item number. Customers will have to until November 15 to order the rest of the La Bella Baskets Christmas gifts because they are coming from a different company.

Below is a list of all the La Bella Baskets Christmas you can start ordering now (all of the following products can be found in the Christmas category):

1) World's Biggest Christmas Tree Garden
2) Candy Cane Garden
3) Snacks with Friends
4) Holiday Penguin Tower
5) Warm Winter Wishes
6) The Holiday Star
7) Peppermint & Coffee
8) Holiday Trends
9) Festive Holiday Sleigh
10) Cherries Jubilee
11) Season's Greetings and Cheers
12) Sleigh Bells Ringing
13) GingerBread Man

La Bella Baskets has plans to add a few more items to the Christmas category. The company will also be selling Filet Mignon for Christmas (the Filet Mignon can be found in the Christmas category but you have to wait until Nov. 15 to order). For Thanksgiving La Bella Baskets is currently selling Smoked Turkey. You can buy the Smoked Turkey now. Smoked Turkey can be found in the Fall Gifts and Thanksgiving category.

To order any of the products I have mentioned please visit:


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