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Monday, October 4, 2010

La Bella Baskets October 2010 Promotion: Join for $1.97 for 7 days

La Bella Baskets has been kind enough to extend the $1.97 trial to the month of October. During the month of October, people will be able to join La Bella Baskets for $1.97 for 7 days. People will be able to receive full access to the training center and the back office. After the 7 days are over you will be charged the monthly fee of $20 or you can cancel. The $20 monthly fee includes the two websites you will receive which will be a marketing and online gift store website.

Information About the Company

La Bella Baskets is an online gift basket and flower business. The company has been around since December of 2009. This company gives people a chance to start their own online gift basket and flower business with a low investments and no quotas. To learn about the benefits of joining La Baskets check out my recent blog post: The Benefits of Being a La Bella Baskets Gift Consultant
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